Founded November 20, 2004

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    mmr Arkadin Film is a dynamic Independent Production Company. Founded by director Domenico Ciolfi in 2004, Mr Arkadin Film is based in the Heart of Italy: Faenza. In a small amount of time, attention and recognition were gained by specializing in creating and producing films, TV advertisements and TV formats. Focus on projects is the core of the Company which entertains research and experimentation on new forms of story-telling and language techniques. This resulted in popular and award-winning programming, light entertainment, reality, sports, music and travel, and now also expanding into digital media. The secret of Mr Arkadin Film‘s success

    can be found in the group of very experienced and very gifted researchers, creatives, designers, visual engineering and producers and offers a fresh and creative approach to film and television making. The company is active in all aspects of visual communication.
    Mr Arkadin Film realized innovative commercial content and formats for numerous prestigious clients in Italy including Fiat, Infostrada, Jaguar, New Holland and Intesa San Paolo BankThe Company works with main Italian TV networks including Rai, Mediaset, Sky, DeaKids, Ballandi EntertainmentMr Arkadin has created and produced Films,
    Tv shows, TV formats and series with excellent reviews form critics and general public, collecting a number of international awards.

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    Thinking outside the box

    All begins with an idea, inspiration , a sparkle,
    that can come at any moment and any place.
    While sipping coffee or driving and trying to recollect the name of a familiar track on the radio. While listening to your daughter’s tale of the day or at night when you can’t sleep.
    The idea might emerge from a circumstance or  random event, some may even give credence to a mystic genesis. Whatever the origin, accomplishing the idea is the true challenge. This is our strength.

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    I dream my painting and I paint my dream.

    Vincent van Gogh

    Our team

    Domenico Ciolfi
    Domenico Ciolfi
    Project Manager + Director
    Monica Camporesi
    Monica Camporesi
    Project Development Manager
    Daniele Manca
    Daniele Manca
    Line Producer


    Robert Kocinsky
    Robert Kocinsky
    Nico Canzoniero
    Nico Canzoniero
    Visual & Sound Engineering
    Alison West
    Alison West
    Post Production Manager

    The pictures are there, and you just take them.

    Robert Capa

    Idea designers

    Our mission


    We train our mind  every day.
    To grow, talent must be nourished regularly.


    There are many ways to carry out a project. We only know one: do it well.


    To accomplish an intuition, you need to be bold. With courage you will dare to take risks.

    Our work begins with project design, proceeds to development, up to final product creation. Thanks to team competence we are able to follow every step of the creative idea’s progress, whether it’s TV advertisement, TV formats or a feature film, for us, everything revolves around the idea.
    The greatest ideas lead to best final products. In these years we have had the honor of working with leading international Companies and Brands. We pride ourselves in being chosen for the high quality of our ideas and the ability to achieve them. We have completed numerousadvertising campaigns characterized by the audacity of visual language and a merging of diversified filming techniques, from smartphones to 4k. Our Ad campaigns stood out for the ability to combine, in perfect alchemy, classic and experimental language.
    Our final goal: to better serve an original strong idea, our protagonist.
    In collaboration with Zeranta EdutainmentMr Arkadin Film created
    The Adventures of Sally, an international award-winner children’s television series. The series helps children develop their social skills.
    Each episode’s storyline emphasizes essential values such as honesty, responsibility, friendship, cooperation, self esteem, respect for feelings and property, and more. The Adventures of Sally also addresses the

    importance of issues like savings, recycling, taking care of others, the value of natural resources and entrepreneurship.
    We strongly believe in adding educational value to entertainment, for our children and next generations. With this belief we embarked on the creation of Historytelling, an innovative entertainment and in-depth format which narrates events and protagonists that changed the course of History. Success of the first episodes of Historytelling was confirmed through a written agreement with the prestigious The Savings Museum of Turin that adopted this series to teach history and economics to junior high school students. Within entertainment’s fascinating areas, television is crucial for Italian broadcasters, Mr Arkadin Film worked as protagonist on the most successful italian Tv Shows in the last few years.
    Domenico Ciolfi directed Viva Radio 2 minuti with Rosario Fiorello (broadcaster RaiUno), Fiorello Tg24 (broadcaster Sky), and more.
    In children’s television series:
     Adriana e Tino and Radio Crock’n Dolls (broadcaster Sky and DeaKids) in which Mr Arkadin Film was involved, in addition to directing, in project design and post production.
    In Feature Films (movies and television) Mr Arkadin Film presented several productions including Passaggio a VuotoMercurio and the award-winning short movie Figure di Passaggio.

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    Creativity takes courage.

    Henri Matisse


    Locandina Il Caso Pantani il Caso Pantani feature film
    ENI_Sito ENI | WE ARE ENI LUBRICANTS commercials
    AEEG_Sito Autorità Energia | Basta un gesto! commercials
    A_dealer_s_tale_01 A Dealer’s Tale commercials · feature film
    bisio_2 Intesa Sanpaolo | Storie impossibili commercials
    bisio_1 Intesa Sanpaolo | Storie impossibili commercials
    geppi_bisio Intesa Sanpaolo | Niente è impossibile commercials
    Schermata 2015-11-25 alle 19.19.54 Zecchino Family Show kids · tv show
    Schermata 2015-11-25 alle 19.06.55 Making a Dream Reality commercials · feature film
    Schermata 2015-11-25 alle 18.34.16 One Day in Her Life commercials · feature film
    Schermata 2015-11-04 alle 16.38.27 New Holland | T9 For a Fistfull of Corn commercials
    Schermata 2015-04-30 alle 12.49.22 NEW HOLLAND | T7 ALL SEASONS commercials
    infostrada fiorello2 Infostrada | Ma non c’è Fiorello? commercials
    portfolio_screenshot_jaguar_golf Jaguar XF Sportbrake commercials
    portfolio_screenshot_radiocristina Radio crock’n dolls kids · tv show
    portfolio_screenshot_sally The adventures of Sally kids · tv series
    vivaradio raiuno Viva Radio 2 minuti tv show
    portfolio_screenshot_adrianatino Adriana, Tino & me kids · tv show
    auguri fiat Fiat | Auguri commercials
    portfolio_screenshot_presidentshow Mr. president show tv format
    portfolio_screenshot_extendedfamily Extended family tv format
    portfolio_screenshot_confess I confess tv format
    portfolio_screenshot_archeo Archeo tv format
    portfolio_screenshot_heknows He knows tv format
    portfolio_screenshot_icloe icloe tv format
    viva radio 2 min sigla 2 Viva Radio 2 minuti | sigla music video
    portfolio_screenshot_mercurio Mercurio tv series
    portfolio_screenshot_historytelling Historytelling tv series
    portfolio_screenshot_video_adrianatino La piramide alimentare kids · music video
    portfolio_amoresia amore sia music video
    portfolio_screenshot_video_cristina Occhi di Gatto | Cristina d’Avena kids · music video
    portfolio_screenshot_video_dolls Happy Days | Dolls kids · music video
    NH_jubilee New Holland | Gold Jubilee commercials
    fiorello Viva Fiat Show | Rottamiamo commercials
    infostrada mike2 Infostrada | Dov’è Mike? commercials
    portfolio_screenshot_off Off | Officine formative commercials
    infostrada ciak2 Infostrada | Ciak commercials
    portfolio_screenshot_jaguar_viaggio Jaguar XF commercials
    portfolio_screenshot_NH_T4 New Holland T4 commercials
    portfolio_screenshot_NH_TC New Holland TC commercials
    portfolio_HM1 Figure di Passaggio feature film
    portfolio_HM2 Una Historia Mas feature film
    portfolio_PAV passaggio a vuoto feature film
    screensaver Screensaver kids
    comunicare Just Communicate commercials
    01_Capirossi Un moto d’amore feature film · kids
    01_Trio_Medusa Uno due tre medusa feature film · kids
    02_Pellegrini Stile libero feature film · kids
    02_Rugby Quella sporca unica meta feature film · kids
    05_Crozza L’ultimo degli onesti feature film · kids
    02_24_ore 24 ore feature film · kids
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